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Adam delivers his life story (key note) of knowing that one day he would be needing a Heart Transplant in a humorous and heart-warming fashion.  Through his natural story telling ability, perfected from a career in Stand-up comedy, he captivates his audience leaving them inspired and motivated to face their own personal challenges in life.  He reveals his coping mechanisms that attendees can take away and execute in their own lives.

As a 13-year-old boy recovering from heart failure, all Adam ever wanted to be was “normal”.  Being told at 13 that best case scenario he would need a new Heart by age 29 was a hard truth he had to face…or did he?

Adam accepted his condition but did not let it dictate his life.  His mental toughness prevailed over his heart defect as he courageously pushed forward with recovery and life!  The only thing that wasn’t normal was taking 17 pills daily, other than that he did everything the doctors first believed he could never do.

After graduating college, he went on to have a career in Engineering and if that wasn’t enough, in 2003 he started a career in Standup comedy as well!  He had two jobs with half his heart functioning!

Not letting his heart condition slow him down at 31 he married, and now not only does he have a beautiful loving wife but two beautiful daughters. His heart condition wasn’t going away though.  With his family by his side, his health once again deteriorates at age 33 going into his second round of heart failure…then again at 35.

At 35 he had open heart surgery to install an LVAD (left ventricular assist device) acting as his heart to keep him healthy until transplant.  Did that slow him down? Nope, he completed another cross Canada tour gaining admiration from crowds and colleagues. Two and a half years later, his donor heart came to fruition and he had his transplant!

Adam tells his story sprinkled with humor while also expressing the gravity of his situation.  His story is truly remarkable and inspiring.  Audience members leave feeling motivated and ready to face hurdles that life throw at them.

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