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Having a passion for our community and area, I feel obliged to represent the soon to be implemented riding of Cape Breton - Canso - Antigonish in the forthcoming federal election.  I am putting myself forward to seek the nomination for the Conservative party in the hopes to represent our riding and serve our Country.  Proudly from Antigonish county, I look bring the voice of the constituents to Parliament hill  in the near future.

My Story

Hello, Cape Breton-Canso/Antigonish! I'm Adam Delorey,\ and I'm running for the Conservative party nomination because I believe in our community's potential, our resilience, and our shared future. I'm not just a candidate; I'm your neighbor, a fellow storyteller, and someone who understands the value of hard work, laughter, and perseverance.


Born and raised in Tracadie, I've woven my story through various paths – from Electrical Engineering to managing complex projects, and even sharing laughs as a stand-up comedian. But, perhaps, the most profound chapter of my life has been my journey awaiting a heart transplant. This experience has taught me the true value of community support, resilience, and the indomitable human spirit.


I am blessed with a loving family Julie, Charlotte and Emily, who stand as my rock, reminding me every day of what truly matters – our health, our community, and our collective future.


Here is my work experience and journey thus far


My professional journey is as diverse as it is rich with experience. With a diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology, I've had the privilege to work by creating solutions in many sectors including Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Industrial and the communication / data industries. My foray into project management allowed me to lead teams towards achieving shared goals, on time and within budget, showcasing my knack for leadership and strategic thinking.  Not only managing teams but contractors has also provided me with the skill set to negotiate and problem solve in real time.


20 years of stand-up comedy and keynote speaking, I honed my ability to read rooms, connect with people and bring happiness through laughter. This experience has given me the ability to communicate in ways that resonate deeply in a public setting. Achieving Each of these roles has prepared me for the ultimate role of serving our community.

After transplant I once again took on a new challenge and career in Real Estate.  My first year proved to be quite successful as I was the top new agent for REMAX in Nova Scotia.  Being able to switch gears, my success has come from being proficient in both Residential and Commercial real estate.


Through all these experiences, I've succeeded by embracing challenges head-on, believing in the power of teamwork, being able to pivot and never losing sight of my goals – qualities I intend to bring to my political career.


My love for the local community is my Why


Our community is the heart of who I am. Through my 25 year journey to Heart Transplant (Edmonton), my strength and support came from 5000km to where I call home.  The support of friends and family is a testament to our community and our way of life. I have had many addresses in my life but I've always been and always will be from Tracadie! I'm running because I believe in our potential to create a future where our children and grandchildren can thrive right here, at home.


I'm always enthusiastic to talk further!

Let's connect.

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